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Astro Doves

The Astro Doves are a California based aerial acrobatics group:

Elise Angell, Elli Williams and Lyn Vert. We are available to perform solos, doubles, triples, or synchronized acts. We mainly specialize in silks, cube, trapeze, hammock and lyra. We can choreograph a show to fit any theme. Astro Doves performances are perfect for large venues, parties and community events. The high flying fun is the perfect mixture of beauty and danger. Our acrobatic routines are unique and playful. Whether we perform together or solo, your guests will never forget the Astro Doves!


Please feel free to contact us any time. We have flexible schedules and can provide our own apparatuses. Silks performances require a minimum height of 18 usable feet. Lyra performances require a minimum height of 11 usable feet.  A full tech rehearsal is mandatory prior to all aerial performances.



Email for pricing and availability: astrodoves@yahoo.com


Instagram: instagram.com/astrodoves

Facebook: facebook.com/astrodoves